Do You have Character Traits that are Essential to Success?

In the book, Monday Morning Choices, I identified 12 choices that anyone can make that will help them achieve their potential. All 12 choices are important but I think that if I had to narrow it down to the four most important they would be:

  1. The no-victim choice. This is making the choice to take whatever comes your way and using it to learn and achieve more. If everyone would take responsibility and realize that there is always something that can be done, and there is something they can do – regardless of how you got to where you are – you can move forward. Something can be done … there is something that you can do!
  2. The commitment choice. I think that people hold themselves back from their potential because they do not have goals in place to accomplish their dreams. Specific measurable goals tend to come true. I have seen it all of my life. The most successful people have the most specific goals. The most important question that you have to answer is “Who do I want to become?” If you can answer that question with crystal clear clarity, you can then set your goals to accomplish the most important thing in your life.
  3. The adversity choice. Adversity can strike faster than a death adder snake who can go from the strike position, strike and inject venom in its prey, then return back to the strike position all in .15 of a second. The snake strikes so swiftly, victims do not immediately realize they have been bitten. In .15 of a second, lives change forever. And so it is with adversity. Adversity strikes everyone. It can grind you down or polish you up. Most people’s significant accomplishments happen after a major adversity test. How will you handle adversity when it strikes?
  4. The relationship choice. You will become like the people who you spend the most time with. That can be one of the greatest blessings in your life or an insurmountable barrier to your happiness and success. Be around positive, giving, and nice people and you will likely be the same. Surround yourself with negative, cynical people and you will likely be the same.