Don’t Be a Jerk. Lead with Confidence

“Something can be done and there is something I can do.”  —  Unknown

Your attitude toward life is the most important choice you make.  It will reflect your past, describe your present and predict your future. The great news is that your attitude is something you can always control.   You are the conductor of your attitude – no one else can compose your thoughts for you.

Successful leaders choose not to inflict the poison of negative attitudes on themselves. People who are positive and confident attract others like a magnet. They add energy to those around them, whereas negative and cynical people zap that same energy, draining the room of confidence.

Your attitude is powerful.  It can convince or discourage others who are watching you.  A positive attitude can mean the difference between a survivor and a victim because it impacts every part of your life.  It is the linchpin for successes and failures.

I cannot name one successful person who I would describe as negative and cynical. Not one. Can you? Do you think it is coincidental? I don’t think so. Optimism and confidence are two traits that you will find in great leaders, regardless of industry, profession, or age.

A confident, enthusiastic attitude is more important to your success than how you dress, how you look, how much skill you have, how much education you’ve accumulated, and how gifted you think you are. The good news is that you have an opportunity to choose the attitude you have for each situation every day.

If you want to achieve extraordinary results with class, read and apply The First Two Rules of Leadership: Don’t be Stupid. Don’t Be a Jerk.  It will help improve morale, decrease turnover, increase everyone’s job satisfaction, and you will have a whole lot more fun leading.

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