New year … new choices

41pu12ehpcl-_sx327_bo1204203200_It is almost 2017, now what?

Isn’t it fun to open a new calendar? I am old school and enjoy touching the pages of a clean calendar where all the pages are unmarked and ready to be filled up.

Most people have great intentions to do something different when a new year rolls around but looking back at the end of the year not much changed. Their intentions did not turn into improvements. Maybe it is time to quit intending and start doing.  2017 can be the year for you to achieve more than you could even imagine.

Here are three suggestions that may help you have the best year of your life:

1. Start off by learning more … it can change your life. It changed my life when I became obsessed with personal development over thirty years ago. I discovered first hand that the more I learned the more I earned.  You can make the same discovery. Read a book a month and you can change your life. Try it. And, place on your nightstand an inspirational quote book that will stimulate a positive thought before you roll in and out of bed. Starting and ending your day with a positive thought can make a difference.

2. Your choices determine your destiny. You can choose to blame, rationalize, retaliate… or not. Other people and their opinions do not determine your future. The ball is always in your court. No matter the situation, something can always be done to improve it and there is always something that you can choose to do. Better choices will create a better year.

3. Make 2017 your year of encouragement. One of the greatest gifts you can give is encouragement. There is an abundance of discouragers around – we need more encouragers! You will find that encouraging others will inspire you.

Choose to learn more, make better choices, encourage others and make 2017 the year that your New Year intentions become your actions.

Get ready to enter the best year of your life!

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