Look Forward … Think Disruptively

The best way to grow and create a successful future is for you to take an active part in guiding it. It is healthy for you to continually evaluate what you are doing and the results you are getting. Regardless if you are in a slump or things are going well, challenge yourself and ask, ‘How can I guide a change that will help me improve?’

Try thinking disruptively. That may sound odd, but thinking disruptively helps you challenge the status quo. Don’t confuse thinking disruptively with acting disruptively. They are not the same.

Thinking disruptively is taking a sincere look inside what you are currently doing. Ask yourself ‘What would happen if?’ That simple question exposes possibilities. If you look at some traditional industries, you will find many of the current leaders in those industries were not even considered to be in the business in which they now flourish. Uber and Lyft are huge transportation companies that do not own vehicles. Airbnb is a leader in the hospitality sector and they do not own hotels. Facebook is a media leader that does not utilize any traditional media outlets. Before those new leading companies began, someone had to think disruptively and ask, ‘What would happen if?’

After you think disruptively, then you can examine the possibilities to lead the change required to move forward. Look around. Listen. Think. Ask. You will discover that there are possibilities to improve relationships, processes, behaviors, if you pay attention. When you are actively guiding change, you will find that you have improvement opportunities surrounding you. Then you will be able to develop some viable options to consider changing.

Every great idea for improvement has come from someone just like you. Every one. Think disruptively, examine the possibilities, and then take actions that will help you improve.

Here are a few points to ponder as you move from fighting change to guiding change:

  1. Are you guiding positive change by asking “what if?”
  2. The next move is always yours.
  3. You have to exit the comfortable before you can enter into something greater.

Based on the book LeaderShift … Making leadership everyone’s business.

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