Thanksgiving Week 2020

Thanksgiving 2019 feels like a few decades ago doesn’t it?  This has been one CRAZY year that has stretched our sanity to the max. Staring into the near future produces quite a bit of angst as well. Regardless of our level of anxiety, one thing is for sure – we still have plenty to be grateful for right now.

Here are three blessings at the top of my list:

  1. I live in the greatest country on earth.  Even with our disagreements and quirks, who would trade the USA for anywhere else?  I wouldn’t. 
  2. I have a wonderful family.  Madeline and my family is quite large – six children, six in-laws, 14 grandchildren plus two on the way. We are richly blessed.
  3. I am thankful for you.  Somewhere along the way our paths have crossed. Maybe we grew up together, schooled together, worked together or perhaps you have read some of my work.  Regardless, thank you for sticking with me!

Who knows what’s ahead?  Hopefully the virus will be long gone by Thanksgiving 2021.  Hopefully the Presidential transition or continuation will be relatively smooth. And, hopefully the gap between ideologically different thoughts with be narrowed with more respectful understandings.

Most of our fears will eventually dissipate. Fear and overreaction is a natural response to the unknown and we have been living in the unknown land for quite a while. Piled onto our fear is fatigue which impacts how clearly we are able to see things. 

Fueling even more fear is our reaction to information that is not entirely accurate.  We choose our sources and listen to what we want to hear, socialize with people similar to us, and worship with those who agree on the same social issues.  That is not necessarily bad, but it creates an insulated personal world where reality is not as bad… or as good… as it is portrayed on whichever side you believe.

Some things are worthy of fear and anxiety.  However, I believe that most fear is based more on predictions, assumptions, rumors, gossip, and opinions than facts. Conspiracy theories are intriguing and generate ratings, comments, likes, and shares.  However, when you look backwards and see how have they lined up with the facts of what actually happened, the conspiracy record is not so great.

Together we can make America even greater.  We can be greater at valuing lives of all colors and ages – including the lives of unborn babies.  We can do better by adhering to law and order. We can make our cities safer.  We can work together to defend our constitutional rights. We can work harder to live peacefully together.  We can be nicer and more compassionate to each other.

Don’t you think we can all do a little better?

Our lives will continue to move on.  We have work to do, issues to solve, and wounds to heal. We will have plenty of other work, issues, and wounds after the next election or crisis and the next and the next.

I hope during this Thanksgiving week you will take a few minutes to quiet the fears of your future and dwell on your blessings of today. Take a minute to call someone who you may have disagreed with and provide them a little nudge of encouragement.  You may be surprised to discover a smile and fist bump of encouragement coming right back at you.

Happy Thanksgiving Week!