2022. Finding Hope

A few years ago, many corporate training sessions began with an exercise called Hopes and Fears.  The facilitator asked participants what they were hoping to gain from the training and what they feared might happen.  

Typically, the hopes were increased knowledge, new skills discovered, renewed energy, and other positive things along those lines.  The most common fear was the training would be a waste of time.  Once the hopes and fears were expressed, every so often they would reflect and  evaluate how they were accomplishing hopes and eliminating fears. 

Entering 2022 may be a good time to dust off that exercise and express our hopes and fears for the new year with our family, friends, and co-workers. Fears without hope are depressing, discouraging, dark, and miserable.  Articulating feelings is a good way to begin the process of dwelling on hopes and eliminating many fears.  

Where can hope be found?  How can we find hope when fears dominate our space?  How can we claim hope when those around us are claiming fear?  

Hope is around to be found, but we have to work at it.  A positive person must work at being positive more than a cynical person must work at being negative.  A happy person works at being happy more than a grumpy person must work at grumpiness.  An encourager works harder at encouraging than a critic must work to discourage.  None of that is fair.

Finding hope requires you to identify, pursue, and claim it in your most important places … your faith, family, and friends.  Without faith, there is no hope in our present or future.  Without family, we lose our greatest gift.  Without friend’s encouragement, we lose confidence in mankind. 

It is never too late for redemption. The new year is a good time to rekindle hope with a fresh start. You can begin by reigniting your faith, teaching  your family about faith and hope, and developing a renewed, peaceful outlook of those around you.  

May 2022 will be the year to rediscover hope, move past our fears, and become our very best.