Hang On! No, Let Go!

Should I hang on or should I let go?  That is a tough question that everyone must answer at some point in time.  Making the wrong choice could be disastrous.

For instance, if you are rappelling a mountain, you must hang on to the rope with all your strength to make progress. Letting go would be catastrophic. However, if you are waterskiing and you lose your balance, if you don’t let go of the rope, the water will beat you to death. 

How do you know when to hang on or when to let go of your personal or professional dream? Your answer should contain equal doses of faith and reason. You first must have faith you are pursuing the right thing. Then, it must pass the reasonable test.  

To accurately decide whether to hang on or let go, you need at least one trusted advisor to help you think it through.  Your advisors can make or break you. Many people ask friends for advice, but close friends typically are not great advisors. The best advisors are people with more experience than you who will tell you the truth from their perspective, even if it hurts your feelings. Without bias, they will either confirm your faith to hang on or provide a practical reason for you to let go.

Understanding whether to hang on or let go is a valuable lesson you will learn in Quit Drifting, Lift the Fog, and Get Lucky. This book provides you the opportunity to eavesdrop on a mentor’s advice about how to discern between hanging on and letting go so that you can become the person you want to be. 

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